Lacoste, a French fashion label, has teamed up to Theo Curin, a quadri-amputee swimmer, to create the first collection that bears the name of a handisport athlete. It is intended for people with and without disabilities. This privilege was previously reserved for non-disabled athletes.

The label states that “The new Theo Curin collection confirms Lacoste’s desire to surpass previous limits in fashion, sport and fashion. It was a pleasure and an honor to work with Theo Curin on this unique project – he is an inspirational to us all while our enthusiasm and determination drove us to new heights of creativity,” Louise Trotter, Lacoste’s creative director, said in a statement.

Louise Trotter, Theo Curin and their teams worked together to create a universal wardrobe, which was inspired by the incredible athlete right down to every detail.

The result is Theo Curin’s collection. It includes a polo shirt, a sleeveless Parka, a sweatshirt, and a cap. The t-shirt is available in two colour options: light blue/dark and white/dark. It features the mottos of the athlete on the inside hem: “Realize Your Dream”, “Keep smiling”, and “Your Difference is a Strength”.

“The fact that Lacoste asked me for a collaboration like this is a sign that things are still moving in the right direction. It was great that I was involved in all aspects of the design process, including choosing products, colours and adaptations. It is also a universal collection.” Curin said, “I’m proud of that.”

The design included special features beyond the usual style elements. For example, snaps were replaced with buttons and the tie allows the sleeves to be easily rolled up. The BETC creative agency followed Curin’s journey for one year between his preparation for his successful swim across Lake Titicaca and his design of the collection.

“This care for detail, inspired by Curin’s daily life, and developed in collaboration with Louise Trotter makes it easy for people with disabilities use these pieces, while still maintaining Lacoste’s elegance and style. Lacoste’s unique combination of aesthetics and practicality allows people with disabilities and those who are able to do so can come together around this extraordinary collection.”

Theo Curin’s collection will be available starting this month at Lacoste shops and on the brand’s website. The prices range from 70 Euros for a cap to 75 Euros for a T-shirt, 160 Euros for a Sweatshirt to 240 EUR for a Sleeveless Parka and between 76 US Dollars/60 British Pounds and 260 US Dollars/200 British Pounds.

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