Levi’s will partner with the British Council’s Architecture Design and Fashion program (ADF), to host an exhibition and workshops about reimagining post-consumer jeans in London this month.

This collaboration is part of Levi’s digital residency at the British Council’s “Making Matters” program. It follows an open call for European interdisciplinary designers to show an innovative approach to circular designing with Levi’s denim offcuts.

ADF and Levi’s selected two groups, Envisions, a Dutch design lab, and Store, a British educational association, to share their practices and co-develop an exhibit in Levi’s Haus, London, the brand’s unique concept store that focuses on circularity, design, and heritage.

Envision and Store will concentrate their efforts on three categories: mixing fibers, connecting fibers, and exploring yarns to exhibit. Over 75 experiments will be on display. They include 3D printing, weaving, and braiding, as well as creating new materials using techniques like denim composites, denim futurism, and denim paint with indigo dye taken from a pair of jeans.

Envisions released a statement describing the potential of denim. Denim is a well-known material. We all recognize them as the jeans in our closets. But this exhibition will hopefully highlight denim’s versatility beyond just garment design.

“From the beginning, we set ourselves the goal of coming up with material solutions that transcend fashion. We looked at interior spaces as an example. We wanted to explore the potential of the iconic material that we all love and encourage consumers to consider the principles of circular design.”

Store will lead a series of free workshops that will accompany the exhibition. These workshops are designed to educate and inspire consumers to think about the entire lifecycle of Levi’s jeans and other consumer goods through creativity and collaboration. Workshops will include denim fiber pulp after-school club, basket making, and indigo wax crayon creation.

Dennis Goebel is vice president of merchandise at Levi’s(R), North Europe. He stated: “At Levi’s we believe that being a positive force for good in our communities is important. We strive to make our values an integral part of all we do. What’s amazing about this project? It brings together so many of these values to create something truly extraordinary.

“From intercultural collaboration and environmental activism to the sheer innovation and creativity at Envisions and Store, we have produced together with a work that may not be a solution for the larger issues of sustainability. However, we hope it inspires more conversation and collaboration as all of us look forward to a better tomorrow.”

The Levi’s x British Council Exhibition is open to the public from April 20 through May 5, and workshop bookings can only be made through the Levi’s 247 App.

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